Dialogues between the pipa and the symphony

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Besetzung: Pipa

Komponist: Cao Yue

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Cao Yue is currently a professor at the School of Music of Nanjing Normal University, Master’s supervisor, and a visiting scholar at Keimyung University in South Korea. She is also a member of the Pipa Professional Committee of the Chinese National Orchestral Society, of the Chinese Musicians Association, of the Chinese Pipa Association, and the vice president of the Jiangsu Pipa Society. She studied with the pipa master Liu Dehai, Gan Tao, Zhou Jingmei and other well-known professors, and won the gold prize in the nationwide pipa competition. She is the first professor appointed by the Chinese Ministry of Culture to teach Chinese folk music in Europe. Since 2000, Cao Yue has successfully held more than 20 pipa solo concerts and has been invited to the United States, Singapore, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, South Koreal, Malaysia, Hong Kong and other countres and regions for performances and teaching of Chinese folk music. Cao Yue is the first Chinese musician who held a solo concert in Jiangsu Grand Theatre which ranks the first in Asia and the third in the world.
Cooperated with the Hamburg Happiness Symphony Orchestra twice to perform in Nanjing Poly Theater and Shanghai Poly Theater. Pipa Performance and Teaching, and Pipa Practical Course, which are edited by Cao Yue, have become two of the most popular pipa teaching materials. German Melisma Company, and Hong Kong Long Yin Production have published a variety of pipa performance CDs and cassettes for Professor Cao Yue, such as “Immortal Folk Music”, “Strings – the Song of Pipa”, “Strings – the Moonlight” and so on.


  1. Deep Night
  2. Swan
  3. A Moonlit Night on the Spring River
  4. The Rising Sun
  5. The Emperor Discards His Armor
  6. The White Horse Carries Scriptures
  7. The Little Sisters on the Crassland


  1. Deep Night
Orchestration: Kong Zhixuan
The tune is adapted from the Peking opera and played from complex to simple. Major differences lie in the Allegro passages. While retaining the charm of Peking Opera, the adaptor combines the performance techniques of the pipa to fully express the unique rhythm beauty of the pipa.
  1. Swan
Composer: Liu Dehai
Under the artistic conception of the traditional Chinese aesthetics, and with beautiful and humorous musical language, the composer depicts and simulates the swan flying and roaming in the rippled lake water. The music is lively, expressive and extremely easy to sing.