C. Newman & H. Zerlett

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Composer: Body Glue

Composer: Body Glue

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  1. Do I have
  2. Shoe
  3. Day
  4. We love
  5. I miss
  6. Night
  7. This is (Farah)
  8. These are my (songs)
  9. Pirate
  10. I can’t
  11. I couldn’t

product description

Our experience of creating songs together was an on-off occasion. They were the result of a situation. They were not planned or intended. They issued froth as they occurred to us, I would say more like found than invented, though they don’t in any way use quotes or consciously borrowed material. In a way it’s as if Helmut created a surrounding for my body to lie in, a bedroom of musical furniture, rugs, paintings on the wall & so forth, an environment, so that it is inevitably ‘fitted’ with my vocal spoutings, & embedded the surrealistic rhymes. It was not like the writing of writing songs, maybe more like improvisation – this is something I’ve never indulged in – but we were not developing a theme, there was no safety-net, though the on-the-spot creating situation obviously is similar. Also we were not delivering something for an audience – this went straight onto computer. […] There is in no way of course that the original occasion can be replicated; ironically it is as if this live version is the equivalent of the C.D. & the C.D. is the thing itself & the live version is what’s come out of it.
C. N.