For Flute and Guitar


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Composer: Nikita Koshkin

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Cast: Fl, Git

Type: Audio-CD

Composer: Nikita Koshkin

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Svetlana Mitryaikina (Flute), Nikita Koshkin (Guitar)


Sonata for Flute and Guitar in Three Movements: 1. Marciale 2. Andante 3. Allegro - Oratorium lacrimae (Suite for Flute and Guitar): 4. Ave Maria 5. Dies Irae 6. Offertorio 7. Tuba Mirum 8. Credo 9. Gloria - Dawn Faery (Suite for Flute and Guitar): 10. Andantino 11. Allegretto 12. Lento 13. Presto - 14. May Song (for Flute and Guitar) - 15. Leda (for Flute and Guitar)

product description

Today, Koshkin is considered to be one of the most important composers for classical guitar. This CD includes, among other works, the well known ""Sonata for Flute and Guitar"".