Music is an enterprising and lively activity that has served as a platform for communication between people from the past to the present. The exchanging of ideas at this level knows no boundaries concerning the form in which the music appears or which it will adopt. Kreuzberg Records, a record label founded as a subsidiary of the Verlag Neue Musik, expands upon the publishing of written music by the aforementioned publisher, the Edition Margaux and the Edition Gravis by offering the essential ingredients of performance and interpretation in the form of music written and performed by the renowned authors and released on CD, a new platform for communication.

The label covers not only music with stylistic incongruities, off-center sounds somewhere between classical and commercial music, world music, but also songs and children’s music. This openness towards all kinds of music is not a lack of orientation, but more a testimony to what our society really is – a multi-cultural community that freely moves between many different (musical) worlds.

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