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Composer: Dieter Mack


Cast: Ensemble

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Studio Musikfabrik / Leitung: Peter Veale
Aturo Ernesto Uribe Portugal (drums)
Peter Fritz (Violin) & Franz Ferdinand August Rieks (Piano)


1. Yonsei (2010) for Ensemble
2. Snells Beach (2009) for drums solo
3. Kebyar Baru II (2015) for Violin and Piano
4. Luft (2012) for Ensemble

product description

“Luft“ shows a retrospective on the œvre of Dieter Mack from 2009 to 2015. Dealing with non-European, first of all South Pacific, sound worlds, Mack works with unusual combinations of instruments in “Yonsei” for instance or enhances with “Kebyar Baru II” his first composition of the “Kebyar” cycle on the basis of the contrasting dynamics found in Balinese gamelan music.